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$6,299.00 $5,999.00

1000 Watts
Power Traction
70 Miles
11 Speeds
Battery Range Speeds / Gears
Grass / Bush


The Rambo Rampage 1000W Xtreme Performance Full Suspension fat tire electric bike is designed by customer request for the Extreme Rider that will only settle for the best. Big game hunting the backwoods in steep grade conditions, trail riding in rough terrain, or cruising down the beach the Rampage XPFS has the job covered with high end suspension, a 1000W extreme performance motor, and all the high-end bike components to match. No costs were spared to build the most extreme off-road fat bike.


Rambo’s frame integrated batteries allow the battery sit lower on the bike frame than a standard battery. By placing it lower on the frame it helps keep the weight lower and gives the bike a faster, more responsive ride. Our integrated battery packs use the very best lithium ion batteries produced by Panasonic and Samsung, both leaders in the lithium ion market. Our integrated batteries are designed to be universal and allow you to upgrade to a whopping 21-amp hour battery! The 21-amp hour battery can give you a max distance of 75 miles! …….Not all batteries are equal. In fact, not even close. Many e-bikes that are advertised on the market today at a certain amp hour fall very short. Real life tests show Rambo outperforms again and again! Don’t be fooled for less the than best!


The Ultra Drive 1000w mid-drive motor is a cyclist dream, using three sensors to gage the speed and pedal torque this motor gives you unmatched control and comfort. The Max Drive delivers a nominal power rating of 1000W and a peak rating of 1500W. The Max Drive System puts out a maximum torque of more than 160 N.m, This motor operates in virtual silence while powering you at 1000W. The modular motor design and integrated controller make disassembly, repair or maintenance easier than ever.

3 reviews for RAMBO RAMPAGE BIKE

  1. Travias

    I’ve been riding around the Rambo Ryder for sometime now, and I decided to add the Rampage to my collection. It’s nice being able to have something like the Rampage for a daily use bike, and then having a bike for more thicker areas like the Ryder. Plus then of course to my wife can come on rides with me as well. As far as performance I would say I’ve been liking the Rampage a lot. Defiantly a smooth ride and has been able to take me the distance.

  2. TimTim

    Ive been patiently waiting for this bike to come back into stock so I can buy one for my son as well. They quickly sold out of there first production run. This this is an absolute climbing/powerhouse of a bike. IF you demand the best of the best this is your baby. I have 150 miles on mine and have taken in the extreme of extreme of terrain. So much fun. The battery lasts longer than I do being 21ah and the battery management system Rambo uses is the best. I am a pretty big bike geek, and this one is the best i have owned.

  3. Viera

    Smoothest, most responsive electric bike i have ever rode!

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