RadRunner 1

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$1,200.00 $1,100.00

Designed to be customized.

This single-speed bike isn’t just built for utility — it’s built for you.

A total of 330 accessory combinations means your RadRunner can be uniquely yours. Compatible with our full suite of racks and platforms, and introducing our patent-pending Passenger Package and Center Console, you can accessorize to your heart’s content to truly expand the bike’s functionality.

We didn’t think we’d ever actually need to use the formula for calculating combinations that we learned in high school algebra.


Puncture-Resistant Tires Made 
from a layer of aramid and ceramic particles inside the tire under the tread, the Kenda K-Shield integrated tire liner is a line of defense designed to provide extra protection against punctures from thorns, glass, and other small materials.

Single-Speed Drivetrain 
The simplified drivetrain makes for easy riding and low maintenance. Ideal for new riders or those just looking to cruise.

LED Control Panel 
A simplified LED control panel means one click on and one click off, with additional buttons for lights and pedal assistance, and LEDs to indicate battery and assist levels.

Integrated Rear Rack
Attach panniers, platforms, or baskets and let the bike carry your cargo. Or mount a Yepp Maxi child seat and bring your kids along for the ride.

Low-Step Frame Design
Featuring a 41.9 cm stand over height, this ebike is perfect for those needing a more approachable package without sacrificing features or functionality.


Rigid Front Fork
Stable and responsive, the rigid fork provides ultimate control when cruising around town.

Upright Handlebars 
High rise aluminum handlebars allow adjustment to support various arm lengths and a more laid back riding position.

Dual Leg Kickstand
Increased stability when loading cargo or when passengers jump on the rear.

500W Bafang Geared Hub Motor
80 Nm of torque to conquer hills and power through loose terrain like never before.

Twist Grip Throttle 
500W of power on-demand.


Proprietary Passenger Package

Other ebikes with bench-style seats have one thing in common: they offer zero means for the rider to adjust the height of their seat. This means nearly everyone is always pedaling in a poor riding position.

We are changing that in a big way. The RadRunner is the very first ebike or scooter to have an adjustable driver’s seat that can either be completely flush with the passenger’s seat or adjusted higher like a standard bike.

Keep the seat low so your passenger can snuggle up close or raise the seat up to get proper leg extension while pedaling. You do you.

The Rad Battery Pack

With over a decade of designing and building ebikes under our belts, we know that a high-capacity battery like this isn’t something you cheap out on. We designed and built our batteries using genuine Samsung 35E cells, which are some of the most energy-dense and reliable lithium-ion cells on the market today. These cells have allowed us to build an overall better battery, and at only 7.7 lbs, it’s one of the lightest and most energy-dense packs on any electric bike.

Miles per Charge
5-6 Hours
To Fully Charge
672 Wh
Total Battery Capacity

Compact, Discreet, Maintenance-Free Hub Motor

With 750W and 80 Nm of torque at your disposal, this Bafang geared hub motor is what is going to help power you up steep inclines and get you up to top speed quickly from a dead stop, all while remaining quiet and inconspicuous. These kinds of numbers aren’t even found on some of the most expensive mid drive systems out there, so prepare to outperform and outclass everyone you see on the road.

Motor Power
80 Nm
Max Motor Torque

6 reviews for RadRunner 1

  1. Adev

    Very nice bike for the price. Sturdy and the weight was not more than I expected for this type of bike. Assembly was easy. Step-over height is low which we appreciate.

  2. Leoni

    I’ve had mine for a while. Love it! I’m tiny and it was the only ebike at the time, that had an instep and I could ride easily. I wish the seat could tilt, and the kick stand is hard. I live in the Netherlands, trying to park in the tiny spaces is difficult.Great customer service and delivery..

  3. oh Well

    I have had my Rad power folding bike for 2000 miles and the further-est I have ridden on a battery is 80 miles because I pedal and use the number 2 setting 3 for head winds. Also carry a spare battery in my saddle bags. A shame they do not come stock with the front and rear racks anymore. I am 75 and do not own a car and live where everything is within 2 miles or less.

  4. Glick

    This Bike is easy for me. I enjoy the light weight, and speeds make riding easy . 5 minutes to put together then go ride. Thank you Green Zone. I bought 2 bikes..

  5. Joyce

    Great idea for an e bike but I think the addition of a handlebar or hand grips for the rider( s) on the long seat would be helpful to stabilize the passenger( s) especially when doing sharp curves, big road bumps,and sudden stops. Thanks

  6. Life Circle

    The absence of gears precludes it for my delivery runs, I live in the Surrey Hills, uk. I’ll stick to orbea katu for now although I accept this bike looks like a strong bike for the money.

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