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$3,500.00 $3,000.00

The strong points :

Maximum speed 25 km / h
36V / 4000 mAh battery
70 km range
2.4 “touch screen smart cockpit

The Angell Smart Bike, with its aluminum frame and carbon fork, will assist you depending on the climbs and efforts desired.

Besides its original look, it presents new performances. It guarantees you up to 70 kilometers of autonomy with a top speed of up to 25 km / h. It will take you wherever you want, with ease.
Thanks to its 36V / 4000 mAh battery which recharges in just 2 hours, you can tackle your daily journeys or even city walks during the weekend without fear of breakdown.
It has 4 electric assistance programs, a powerful 250 Watt motor located in the hub of the rear wheel and has Tektro HDR 310 disc brakes for your safety to give you complete control of your speed. .

The Angell has a 9V KMC X9 chain of 114 links with sprockets 42 aluminum front teeth and 16 steel rear teeth.
Its Michelin 28 “Protek 700X35C tires with alloy wheels and stainless steel spokes will allow you to tackle the most winding roads.

The display also lets you select among four different assistance modes. Fly Fast helps you reach top speeds faster, Fly Dry adjusts the assistance accordingly to prevent you from sweating, Fly Eco lets you reach farther distances with better battery efficiency, and Fly Free lets you ride on your own without any aid whatsoever.

Using the same display, you can also choose among three ride modes available: free ride, navigation, and sport. Free ride will provide relevant information such as speed, distance covered, and calories burned on the screen. Navigation, on the other hand, provides you directions through the screen—you just need to set the destination using the dedicated mobile app. Lastly, sport lets you set, reach, and track goals, with or without any assistance.

There’s also the cherry on top of this smart bike: the safety features. The tech includes a fall alert system that sends texts to emergency contacts when an accident is detected, as well as an anti-theft system with an automatic lock-up function, a built-in alarm, and a geolocation feature that can detect if the bike has been moved and will alert the owner if necessary.


7 reviews for ANGELL SMART BIKE

  1. Enes

    Really good service. Would reccomend this site for ordering ! They provide fast and steady support at all times !

  2. Burhan

    Good service..✅
    Fast delivery..✅
    Perfect product..✅

  3. seanmc

    Really nice shop and sound advice. Only had my Smart bike trekking 4 for three days but knew it was an excellent choice after just 5 miles.
    e-bikes are definitely the future for replacing the car for shorter journeys!

  4. Frya

    Good place. Easy to use


    I have had mine for about 2 months now and have done over 140 mls mostly off road. During that time I have had many spills but the bike has come off unscathed. Battery life is good and I find that the gearing is so good that I only use the electric assist when I am struggling up hills. A very good product I would highly recommend.10/10

  6. Jason

    Very Pleased with my Purchase. I purchased the ANGELL S- BIKE recently and unsurprisingly in these strange times was warned it would be a two week wait for the model i wanted. (I could have had other models immediately but i wanted the above model) Exactly two weeks later they phoned to say the bike was ready to pick up. I’ve ridden it about 45 miles in a variety of conditions and very pleased. Farnham where i live is nothing but hills to get out into the country and my manual bike was killing my knees. Now i can’t wait to get out on it. Have not had to experience after sales service but so far really pleased. I guess if they don’t give potential purchasers a lot of time at the moment it is because they are rushed of their feet. For me i definitely chose the right model.


    Been looking for a couple of bike for my lady and myself both in our 60s, I’m nearer 70 lol. We need to get more exercise get out more, thought these would be ideal. Bought one to see, ordered 29th May arrived 6th June, brilliant. Look good, ride well, so ordered another that same day. Great service, good bikes, friendly team, fun to be had thanks guys
    Review by ANTHONY

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